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A remote‐controlled observatory for behavioural and ecological research: A case study on emperor penguins
Richter S, Gerum R C, Schneider W, Fabry B, Le Bohec C, Zitterbart D P
Methods Ecol Evol 9(5): 1168-1178
A Toll‐like receptor 2 genetic variant modulates occurrence of bacterial infections in patients with sickle cell disease
Tozatto-Maio K, Girot R, Ly I D, Rocha V, Silva Pinto A C, Diagne I, Benzerara Y, Dinardo C L, Kashima S, Leston-Araujo I, Kenzey C, Fonseca G H H , Rodrigues E S, Volt F, Jarduli L R, Ruggeri A, Mariaselvam C M, Gualandro S F M, Elayoubi H, Cunha R, Cappelli B, Malmegrim K C R, Simoes B P, Gluckman E, Tamouza R
BJH 1-7
Effects of light and darkness on pH regulation in three coral species exposed to seawater acidification
Venn A A, Tambutté E, Caminiti Segonds N, Técher N, Allemand D, Tambutté S
Sci Rep 9(1):2201
Microscale light management and inherent optical properties of intact corals studied with optical coherence tomography
Wangpraseurt D, Jacques S, Lyndby N, Boiesen Holm J, Ferrier-Pagès C, Kühl M
J R Soc Interface 16(151): 20180567
Ocean acidification impacts on coral reefs: From sciences to solutions
Allemand D, Osborn D
Regional Studies in Marine Science 28: 100558
Properties of the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Minazzoli O, Virgo Collaboration
Phys Rev X 9: 011001
Reply to Beltinger: Double genetic disruption of lactate dehydrogenases A and B is required to ablate the "Warburg effect" restricting tumor growth to oxidative metabolism
Pouyssegur J, Zdralevic M
J Biol Chem 294(1): 67
Saccharomyces boulardii strain CNCM I-745 modifies the mononuclear phagocytes response in the small intestine of mice following Salmonella Typhimurium infection
Ibanez L, Pontier-Brès R, Larbret F, Rekima A, Verhasselt V, Blin-Wakkach C, Czerucka D
Front Immunol 10: 643
Socio-economic Tools to Mitigate the Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Economies and Communities Reliant on Coral Reefs – A Framework for Prioritization
Hilmi N, Osborn D, Acar S, Bambridge T, Chlous F, Cinar M, Djoundourian S, Haraldsson G, Lam V W Y, Maliki S, de Marffy Mantuano A, Marshall N, Marshall P, Pascal N, Recuero-Virto L, Rehdanz K, Safa A
Regional Studies in Marine Science 28: 100559
The Use of Antisense Oligonucleotides for the Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Relizani K, Goyenvalle A
Methods Mol Biol Chap 12, vol. 1687: 171-183
VEGF-C et vaisseaux lymphatiques. Une épée à double tranchant dans le développement tumoral et la dissémination métastatique
Ndiaye P D, Pagès G
Med Sci (Paris) 2(35): 132-137

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