Ecophysiology and Ecology

Composition de l'équipe

Directeur de recherche

   -   Dr Christine FERRIER-PAGÈS

Chargé(e) de Recherche

   -   Dr Éric BÉRAUD    -   Dr Renaud GROVER    -   Dr Stéphanie REYNAUD    -   Dr Romie TIGNAT-PERRIER

Chercheur Postdoctoral

   -   Dr Katherine AMORIM


   -   Dr Ophélie GERVAIS


   -   Mme Kiara LANGE    -   Mlle Camille PRIOUX

Technicien(ne) Supérieur(e)

   -   Mme Maria-Isabelle MARCUS    -   Mme Cécile ROTTIER


   -   M. Dominique DESGRE    -   M. Eric ELIA


The research undertaken by the ecophysiology team focuses on the interactions between corals, their associated microorganisms and the surrounding environment. We primarily investigate the effects of climate change, pollution and nutrient availability on coral health and growth. Our research contributes to a better understanding of the functioning of coral reefs and is particularly useful for organizations dedicated to the conservation and restoration of coral reefs.

Coral species studied

We mostly study reef-building corals from the tropics and the Mediterranean Sea, and have recently also added the red coral, gorgonians, soft corals as well as cold-water and deep sea corals to our model species.

Research axis

We use these different coral models to study: 
  • The effects of environmental changes (e.g. temperature, acidification, pollution)  
  • The contribution of various nutrients and trace elements to the health and growth of corals
  • The benefits of the symbioses between corals and microorganisms

Techniques used

We conduct both field experiments to study corals in their natural environment and laboratory experiments under controlled conditions. To better understand the coral ecophysiology, we use a range of different techniques: stable isotopes, PAM fluorometry, biochemical and enzymatic analyses as well as microbiology and molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics to study the coral’s microbial partners.


Our collaborations

We work with many  laboratories to further our research. In addition to collaborations with the other teams at the CSM, we collaborate closely with several external laboratories: 

- Regionally with  the International Agency for Atomic Energy and the Ocean Observatory of Villefranche 
- Internationally with laboratories in Italy, Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, USA