Composition de l'équipe

Directeur de recherche

   -   Pr Eliane GLUCKMAN

Chargé(e) de Recherche

   -   Dr Barbara CAPPELLI LAURO    -   Dr Graziana Maria SCIGLIUOLO


Since 2012, thanks to a partnership with the Government of Monaco and supported by HSH Prince Albert II, the Eurocord Paris Association has benefited from an agreement with the Scientific Center of Monaco, thus allowing the management of the International Observatory of Sickle Cell Disease: Monacord. 

Sickle cell disease is a severe hereditary hemoglobin disease affecting mainly people of sub-Saharan Africa, Indian, the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean origin. Due to the recent global migration, sickle cell disease is now a health problem in many regions far beyond its geographical origins .This genetic disease has been recognized as a global public health problem since 2005 by numerous international organizations (African Union, UNESCO, WHO, United Nations), hence the importance of the research work carried out within the framework of the Monacord project supported by the Monegasque government.
Sickle cell patients have symptoms including anemia, vaso-occlusive attacks and strokes that cause poor quality of life and reduced life expectancy. The only cure is hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

In this context, Monacord has established international relations between developed and emerging countries in order to set up epidemiological studies, develop diagnostic methods and establish research protocols for the treatment of this disease.
Among the objectives, Monacord has achieved important international recognition with scientific studies on:

  • stem cell transplantation from HLA-identical siblings as definitive curative treatment for Sickle Cell Disease;
  • ​​​​​​​new treatments for pregnant women affected by Sickle Cell Disease and their newborns.

In future projects, Monacord will take care of:

  • formulating clinical recommendations for the management of sickle cell disease, including indications for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation or other innovative therapies such as gene therapy;
  • developing and coordinating actions for the diagnosis and treatment of Sickle Cell Disease;
  • disseminating of knowledge on this topic particularly in African countries;
  • identificating centers for the development of therapeutic trials adapted to local resources;
  • ​​​​​​​carrying out cost-effectiveness and treatment optimization studies based on country resources.


To achieve its goals, Monacord works in close collaboration with: